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 Sheudae's new jutsus

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Sheudae Razkeitz

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PostSubject: Sheudae's new jutsus   Wed May 14, 2008 4:39 am

New Plant Jutsus-

Thorn Slash-Thorns grow on the fingertips to b about 8 inches long. They are very sharp and can slash through almost anything. They also nearly impossible to break, but making the ends blunt is possible too after use.

Ninja Art: Petal Armor, Stage 2-When the petal Armor is on for long enough, 5 giant thorns/spikes come out of the users bak to be about 1 yard long, and a thorn on the face/nose part to make it like a horn. This improves his attack and defenses by about 15%

Ninja Art: Petal Armor, Stage 3, The Garden Rhinocerous-The user can only use this jutsu after using Stage 2 for a little bit. The user's petals in the armor shift to a Rhino-like body. The arms then get covered with thorns and so do the legs. It basically looks like a rhino, except 5 thorns 1 yard tall on his bak, and thorns on all over his arms and legs. The user's attack and defense increase about 56%, but wears him out after using this jutsu for so long.

Ninja Art: Poison Pine Needle Jutsu-The user shoots thousands of poisonous pine-needles at the foe. If hit, they inject poison into the enemy that can paralyze them for as long as the poison is in them, but if not extracted after 2 days, the enemy dies.

New Mud Jutsus-

Mud Clone Jutsu-The user can make clones made of mud, but wherever there's mud, these clones can regenerate.
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Sheudae's new jutsus
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