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 Rikashi's Custom Jutsus

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PostSubject: Rikashi's Custom Jutsus   Wed Apr 30, 2008 4:59 am

Gravity Jutsus:

Buatsui Inryoku Chitai: a area of heavy gravity that sends projectiles to the ground [(consumes a great amount of chakra, and if user doesn’t have enough it knocks them out) (doesn't affect user's weapons or user)].

Juuryoku Kuiki: creates a weightless, and almost invisible sphere that is made of outward pushing force, it can be expanded by putting more chakra into it. It also can be shot (pushes back enemies and projectiles.)

Sougon Ensoku: loosens gravity in one single spot so the user can push off thin air and or objects to gain higher elevation or cushion a fall if possible.(uses little chakra). Can be used in succession

Genshuku Shitai: surrounds limbs in an enhanced outward pushing force. the user doesn't have to hit the target physically with hands or feet but the closer their hands or feet are when they stop the more damages is dealt.

Juuryoku Kousen: a long ranged beam like shot of outward pushing force that pushes anything it hits back and is 5 feet in diameter(consumes chakra quickly)

Kyoukou Juuyousei: Downward or upward pushing gravity in one single spot(size and power varies on chakra use). Can be used to lift people and weapons.

Juuyousei Kanadzuchi: User slams the enemy with gravity at close range and launches the a very far distance.(power depends on chakra)

Air Jutsus:

Te Kyanon: This jutsu is a quick shot of air that is launched from the hands.The closer the more damage dealt.(speed,size,and distance depend on chakra output.Can be used in succession.Can launch or deflect objects and weapons.)

Tsuubun Masatsu: Reduces friction or increases friction of air against the users body.Can be used to move faster or stand upon thin air.(uses little chakra). Can be used in succession or in a stream.

Tei Hou: uses chakra to gain a large pocket of air to launch user like a cannon.The distance and speed of travel varies on chakra use.(can be used to be shot strait up,launch other poeple,and weapons)

Kuuchuu Katto: This jutsu launches claws made of air at enemies. It can be very painful if not avioded.(Size and speed depend on chakra use.Can be used in succession.)

Boushi Fuzei: bThis jutsu begins to spin the air around in a very large circle with haevy force.(area and force depend on chakra usage)

Fire Jutsus:

Kaji Tama: blows fire out of their mouth to create a ball of fire that moves forward once the user wants it to , and explodes on impact.(size depends on chakra use)

Nenshou Buki: puts weapon on fire temporarily until user stops chakra flow, doesn't burn user.(size of flames comming off weapon is effected by chakra use)

Kaki Bomu: The user forms a compact ball of fire in hands.After thrown or launched it explodes on users command.(size of explosion depends on chakra use.Doesn't burn user.)

Houka Shuuha: User slam their palms to the ground causing rings of fire to shoot outward in all directions.(doesn't burn user can be used in succession)

Non-Elemental Jutsus:

Hirameki Chokkou: Flash through thin air from one spot to another. Or if needed can go through objects.(Distance,speed,and thickness able to travel through depends on chakra.)
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PostSubject: Re: Rikashi's Custom Jutsus   Wed Apr 30, 2008 5:01 am

i like ur custom jutsus, especially the gravity ones. chek mine peese. i wanna no wat u think.
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Rikashi's Custom Jutsus
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