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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Sun Apr 27, 2008 12:50 am

Use this templatae to create a character.

Please follow this template when making a character.




Rank: Genin or Jounin. Akatsuki and Missing Ninjas have limits. Also some kages are open.

Clan: Use detail when explaining your clan

Nation and Village: Example--- Gravity Nation, Air Village. Nations and their Villages: Metal Nation has Metal Village and Akatsuki Hideout; Gravity Nation has Gravity Village and Air Village; Snow Nation has the Snow Village; Swamp Nation has Swamp Village and Tree Village; Magma Nation has the Volcano Village; and the Mountain Nation has Valley Village and Summit Village.

Looks: You can use your avatar pic if you want,, or describe it with words use lots detail if you describe with words Photobucket also works

Personality: What your character's attitude is like

Special Characteristics: such as demon seals and red chakra

Elements: Pick two: Fire, Magma, Water, Mud, Earth, Lightning, Gravity, Air, Metal, and Plant, may have some other elements from clan.

Specialties: Main and a Sub from the following:Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Genjutsu, Medical Arts, Puppeteer or Weaponry; pick only two.

Weapon(s): Main weapon that your character uses, not including kunai and such, tell if it is a clan weapon

Jutsus: Custom jutsus need detail

History/Background Story: Use details to describe your character's past

Role Playing Example: Show an example of how you role play

You can't rp without a character, so you have to make one.
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Character Template
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