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 Chiryoku Clan

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PostSubject: Chiryoku Clan   Mon Jul 14, 2008 4:17 am


Meaning: Wisdom; intellectual power; mental capacity; brains; intelligence; mental powers.

Description: The Chiryoku Clan was once a part of an even greater clan; the Genzosue Clan. Once a powerful and mighty clan, split between intelligence and strength. One day, the clan split into two different groups. The Yuzuki clan left with the Ayamugan eyes, and their strength, while the Chiryoku clan left with their more powerful psychic abilities and intelligence. The Chiryoku clan is made up of mentalists. They use their mental keenness, hypnosis, mind reading, psychokinesis, precognition, clairvoyance, telepathy and mind control. They are masters of genjutsu and are one of the most intelligent clans. Having such intelligence makes them hard to beat in battle, and makes it even harder to keep your emotions and feelings to yourself. The Chiryoku clan is able to feel other emotions and read their minds along with using their mentalist abilities to lift opponents off the battle field and use their clairvoyance powers to gain information about an object, location or physical event. Also being a precognition means that they are able to see events before they ever happen along with being able to speak to others through telepathy. Their mind control and hypnosis is the most dangerous thing about them. With this ability and a lot of chakra, they are able to control the mind of others to do their bidding and are able to overthrow an individual's control of his own thinking, behavior, emotions, or decisions. The Chiryoku Clan is very hard to advance in. Everyone in the clan is expected to be highly intelligent, while most of the jutsus are only for the strongest clan members, and others are for learners. The Chiryoku Clan is also able to do ‘Stage Magic’. The Chiryoku Clans’ Stage Magic can be from being masters of escapology to making something vanish out of thin air. While traveling, they used to perform at villages to earn money, and also gain more experience in their jutsus. This clan has very few members left, and the select few that are still alive have extraordinary powers of their own.

Clan Jutsus Learned:

Rank: A
Description: Only the most powerful and trained of the Chiryoku clan are able to use this. With their mentalist abilities they can move objects. With enough power, they can move people, trees, rocks, and just about anything. If practiced enough they can move several things at once.

Mental Barrier
Rank: A
Description: By focusing their mind, a member of the clan is able to put up a mental barrier to protect from attacks, genjutsus, mind reading and controlling, and even the thoughts of other people, if necessary. The barrier can either be in physical form (set to a certain part of the body, or just making a large barrier around someone), or protecting the users mind, and anothers, if needed. The user may get drowsy, or dizzy, or even faint after this jutsu.

Mind Control
Rank: S
Description: The mind control jutsu is the most powerful of the Chiryoku clan. It allows the user to control an individual's way of thinking, behavior, emotions, and decisions. Mind Control is only able to work if the opponent's mind is stronger than the users. This is very unprobable because the Chiryoku Clan's members have some of the strongest minds. It takes a medium amount of chakra for an experienced member of the clan and takes a lot of chakra for a beginner.

Mind Alteration
Rank: B
Description: This jutsu allows a member of the Chiryoku clan to put a genjutsu on without looking at the persons eyes. This can only be done by experienced members of the Clan.

Brain Overload
Rank: B
Description: By focusing on the opponents brain, a member of the Chiryoku clan is able to burn the brain of the opponent, making them unable to think straight, and causing them severe pain and damage. The brain doesn't actually 'ignite', but the effects are very similar to a burning feeling.

Rank: B
Description: This jutsu is tough to learn, but is worth it when using the ‘Mind Control’ jutsu. When the user wants to be able to control the way an enemy, or friend talks, they have to insert their own chakra into the user, whether by slapping them straight across the face, or by simply touching them with their pinky. When the chakra is inserted, it moves its way to the vocal cords of the opponent or friend. The user is then able to control the tone of their voice, how much emotion is in the voice, and able to control what they say.

Rank: C
Description: It is similar to other ninjutsu moves, but is more effective when used by the Chiryoku Clan. This jutsu allows the members to escape from anything with enough practice over the years.

Production (produces something from nothing)
Rank: C
Description: This jutsu is one of the more simple jutsus in the Chiryoku Clan. This jutsu doesn't exactly 'produce' anything. It is used to make objects appear, that are already made/created. The range for this to happen is 200ft. Her mental abilities allow her to teleport objects, weapons, water, food, etc., to her or away from her, without her having to move.

Restoration (destroys an object, then restores it back to its original state)
Rank: B
Description: This form of stage magic is tough to learn, but is a great asset in battle. When in battle, the user is able to break weapons, objects, and solid jutsus with this technique. The only way they’d be able to do that is if they touched it first. Example: If the member touched a sword as it was coming towards them, it would break into pieces, but only for a few minutes. This jutsu could also be used to repair a broken object.

Teleportation (causes something to move from one place to another)
Rank: C
Description: This technique is one of the first techniques a member learns. With enough concentration, the user is able to teleport themselves, objects, and other people if focused on long enough. This jutsu is tough at the same because they have to focus on a certain place where they want the person or object to appear at. The range for this jutsu is 2 miles.

Vanishing (makes something disappear)
Rank: A
Description: This jutsu is able to make an item, or person disappear with enough focus. The member has to look at the item or person long enough for the item to fully disappear. When they disappear, they reappear somewhere else. The range that the person can reappear at is 1 mile away. It is usually used by the more experienced members of the Chiryoku Clan.

Transformation (The magician transforms something from one state into another)
Rank: C
Description: Similar to Henge, but this jutsu is able transform anything into something else. With enough focus, a lower ranking member can turn it into something similar to what they had in mind. A more advanced member would simply have look at it for it to change into something else. The transformations are not permanent. They last as long as the member focuses on it. If it is longer than one day, the transformation will end.

Levitation (defies gravity, either by making something float in the air, or with the aid of another object)
Rank: B
Description: Levitation was one of the jutsus passed down through the Genzosue Clan. Although the Genzosue Clan split up, the Yuzuki Clan and Chiryoku Clan have improved it themselves, and use it for their own uses. The Chiryoku Clan uses Levitation to levitate objects and other people. This jutsu was one of their best when they traveled around the countries, but is also one of the toughest to learn, since it takes such concentration. A highly experienced user would only have to raise a finger to pick up someone or an object.

Penetration (makes a solid object pass through another)
Rank: A
Description: This jutsu is one of the toughest to learn. When in use, the user is able to levitate an object, and make it able to pass through walls, water, fire, etc. Not many of the members are able to learn this jutsu, because of the amount of chakra it takes and the extreme concentration. An advanced member uses a medium amount of chakra, but still a lot of concentration. Some members are even able to pass through walls themselves, if experienced enough.

Prediction (predicts the choice of a spectator or the outcome of an event under seemingly impossible circumstances)
Rank: D
Description: Predictions come natural to the Chiryoku Clan members, but getting predictions whenever you want is the hard part. With a clear mind, silence, and enough concentration, members are able to get visions of the past and future. It takes long hours of practice to learn how to get visions of what they want to know about
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PostSubject: Re: Chiryoku Clan   Mon Jul 14, 2008 10:54 am

First of all, the Yuzuki Clan didn't take strength, they chose intellegence, so you cant take that. Plus, you have to ask Megan if you can use the other part of her clan.
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Chiryoku Clan
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