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 Don't worry just saving something in case.

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PostSubject: Don't worry just saving something in case.   Wed Jul 09, 2008 1:21 pm

Name Kitaro

Age 27

Gender Male

Rank Raikage

Clan Japna this clan can absorb air and turn it into chakra so they can never run out

Nation and villiage Lightning land villiage hidden in the clouds

Looks avatar

[Personality Warrior to the end battles anyone for any reason and hardly ever gets mad (hardly ever see that, that means sometimes)

[b]Special Characteristics Japna ability

[b]Elements: lightning special style

Specialties main ninjutsu sub summoning

Weapons lightning sword,kunai knives,four star shuriken,lightning dragon summoning scrolls


Jutsu 1 clone jutsu
E rank
This is a basic technique known to all genin. Bunshin no Jutsu creates a clone of the user, which can used to create a diversion or cause confusion. Unlike Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Art of the Shadow Doppelganger), these clones aren't real, and thus cannot do any damage.

Jutsu 2 transformation jutsu
E rank
The user assumes the appearance of another person or animal. This is one of the basic jutsu taught at the Ninja Academy

jutsu 3 shadow shuriken technique
D rank
The user of this technique throws multiple large shuriken in such a way that the first shuriken hides the subsequent ones, probably by blocking the line of sight. To the target, it would look like only one shuriken was thrown

jutsu 4 iron fist attack
rank C
a constant attack barrage of attacks and kicks using incredible speed

jutsu 5 shadow suction jutsu
rank C
creates an orb of energy that lowers the opponets senses especially sight

jutsu 6 speck jutsu
rank C
turns the user into an almost invisible speck

jutsu 7 lightning equip jutsu
rank C
creates a thin layer of lightning around a weapon

jutsu 8 lightning slash jutsu
rank D
turns the sword into an actual blade of lightning for 1 strike

jutsu 9 lightning clone jutsu
rank C
creates a clone of lightning that has .75 the users attack power but has 1.25 the users speed

jutsu 10 slow jutsu
rank D
lowers the targets senses

jutsu 11 cloud breaker jutsu
rank D
an undodgeable attack that breaks the clouds above the target this jutsu cannot be broken or reversed

jutsu 12 anti crush jutsu
rank C
when the user is in speck states creates an impenatrable shield around the user 1 time per battle

jutsu 13 pheonix fire jutsu
rank C
fires mutiple small flame balls at any targer or multiple targets that can conceal weapons in them

jutsu 14 fire punch jutsu
rank C
turns the users fist into a flame that can punch through concrete

jutsu 15 ultimate fire style
rank C
creates a giant fireball from the mouth with very few handsigns

jutsu 16 shadow clone jutsu
rank B
creates solid non illusion clones that are weaker than the original and usually poof away on the first attack

jutsu 17 shadow shuriken jutsu
rank D
throws a shuriken but keeps another shuriken in the background that strikes directly afterwards

jutsu 18 suicide bombing clones
rank D
makes a clone explode in a giant inferno

jutsu 19 haze clone jutsu
rank C
creates over 100 images and outlines of the user behind a veil of mist

jutsu 20 resengan
rank A
the fourth hokage's jutsu that takes a while to master but is a very effective chakra based attack

jutsu 21 lightning fist jutsu
rank C
turns the users fist into a lightning ball that can punch through concrete

jutsu 22 fire pheonix jutsu
rank B
summon a pheonix made of fire to aid you in battle

jutsu 23 lightning flare jutsu
Rank D
throws up a flare of chakra that looks like lightning shooting up into the air

jutsu 24 lightning dragon jutsu
rank B
summons a dragon of lightning to carry the user around and battle for him

jutsu 25 demon lightning jutsu
rank D
changes the color of the users chakra to red of yellow

jutsu 26 flame shot jutsu
rank B
fires a straight shot of fire that doesnt stop until the user said so

jutsu 27 lightning inclosment jutsu
rank B
creates a shield around a target that can shrink and grow at the users request (sorry for copying you)

jutsu 28 summoning jutsu Toad style
rank A
summon a toad between the size of a mino and the BOSS TOAD himself

jutsu 29 flame dragon head jutsu
rank B
user fires dragon heads out of his mouth that are stronger than regular fireballs can fire weapons concealed in them and can follow targets

jutsu 30 chidori
rank A
creates lightning chakra around the users hand in a super powerful striking move

jutsu 31 lightning warrior summon
rank B
summons a lightning warrior to battle for the user

jutsu 32 sacrifice keke
rank A
sacrifice your keke and keep a target from using there's this jutsu is cancelable

jutsu 33 switch keke
rank A
switches kekegenkai's with a target

jutsu 34 lightning flame jutsu
rank A
fires a ball of a black substance between fire and lightning that eats whatever it touches

jutsu 35 cancel jutsu
rank A
cancels a jutsu

jutsu 36 heaven style lightning storm jutsu
rank A
the heavens rain down lightning from the sky hitting everything but the user becomes blessed by the heavens making him/her unable to be hit by lightning

jutsu 37 heaven style fire storm jutsu
rank A
the heavens light fire to all things within 100 feet of the user but not the user

jutsu 38 heaven style fire tornado jutsu
rank A
the heavens make a tornado and after 30 seconds of regular a regular tornado it sets fire to itself and everything it touches

jutsu 39 heaven style acid jutsu
rank A
the heavens make acid rain from there realm that burns all living things they touch slightly

jutsu 40 heaven style hero jutsu
rank A
the heavens send a hero to battle for the user the user has to be losing the battle for this jutsu to work these are the possible hero's
1. Harc (a giant warrior of stone wielding an impenetrable axe) 10%
2. warg (giant wolf that eats all it see's) 15%
3. Legless ( a floating head that has phsycic powers) 10%
4. Denic (demonic angel with 4 arms a lance sword and bow in different hands and large flaming wings) 15%
5. nothing (if the heavens are to busy ruling earth they send nothing) 50%

jutsu 41 chakra sphere jutsu
rank A
a shpere of pure chakra that destroys almost anything it touches but takes a while to master

jutsu 42 heaven style ultimate attack
rank S
the heavens send there most powerful abilities into the user making the user 600% more powerful in every category

jutsu 43 sharingan mimic jutus
rank A
allows the user to copy any jutsu to the smallest detail

jutsu 44 ice mirrior mimic jutsus
rank A
allows the user to control ice and water in all its forms

jutsy 45 byakugan mimic jutsus
rank A
allows the user to see as the byakugan sees

jutsu 46 war heart jutsu
rank B
creates a chakra plate body around the users chest

jutsu 47 war brain jutsu
rank B
creates a chakra helmet around the users head

jutsu 48 war speed jutsu
rank B
creats chakra plate legs around the user legs

jutsu 49 anti chakra armor
rank S
a jutsu that makes contact with this armor is destroyed this armor covers the users entire body this armor is indestructible

jutsu 50 secret of the Raiakge jutsu
rank S
a jutsu that only the raikage knows when he is killed the killer acquires this jutsu the jutsu turns the user into pure lightning this lightning can cut anything it touches and gives the user +500% speed +300% strength and +300% chakra When the raikage finishes this jutsu every electron within 100 feet will become a proton
and the raikage will die passing this jutsu on to the nearest survivor of this jutsu who will then become the raikage

jutsu 51 joint style arm dislocation
rank C
the user bends the arm so much it falls off splits in 2 and 1 half joins the socket and the other half becomes a usable weapons

jutsu 52 joint style leg spin jutsu
rank A
the users legs to a complete 360 degrees then fall off and grow chakra bodies that can attack at the base speed and attack as the user

jutsu 53 joint style total seperation jutsu
rank S
the whole body seperates into 6 pieces those peices do the following effects

head=create a chakra body with 150 % all the regular atributes

chest=becomes a cannon and fire off chakra bullets that eat away at the targets chakra and flesh

leg R. becomes a sword for the chakra body to use

leg L. becomes a bow for the arm R. to use

arm R. becomes a floating severed arm that uses the L. leg and L arm

arm L. becomes arrows for the bow made of the l. leg

jutsu 54 into absorbstion jutsu
rank B
the user absorbs himself into an object and only something wielding the object can realease the user or if the object is broken the user in invincible when inside the object

Jutsu 55 Luck jutsu
rank A
whenever a jutsu requires randomness this jutsu allows the user to decide how the randomness goes instead of chance

Jutsu 56 Pacifist snow jutsu
rank A
a snowfall begins and whatever the snow touches loses all will to continue battle or fight back when hit this snow can disolve through anything exept lava

jutsu 57 flaming stone shield jutsu (shiropeth's jutsu)
rank S
a shield of stone appears from the ground around the user and lava flows down the stone making it smooth the stone is invincible (which is why the lava doesnt go through it) the Lava will kill anything that touches it

jutsu 58 anti chakra blade
rank A
a blade of Chakra that whatever it slices creates an internal barrier around the chakra lines which reverses the flow directly to back to the heart and cuts off all chakra in the sliced area.(if enough chakra enters the heart you die)

jutsu 59 atomic bomb jutsu
rank S
creates a huge blast that has the power of an atomic bomb (50 chidori's and 50 resengans coliding)

History/Background Story
was born into the japna clan and liked to train with members of the uchia clan he was a witness to the uchia massacre and never again wanted to be that weak to have to sit in the window and watch instead of being able to do anything about it. when the villiage was attacked by a group of rogue ninja he went out to prove himself but all he did was defeat one enemy and get blinded in the right eye then after many years of training and after the struggling of the villiage to find a new raikage Kitaro dueled the other person who managed to learn the raikage's secret jutsu and won the villiage (since he wasnt dead) called him there leader

Role Playing Example

Kitaro stood there with
a huge forest to the west
a pond to the east
a mountain region to the north
a desert to the south
it seems this area was created for this battle
" hey kitaro " said ikki activating hhis bakyuan
hey ikki its nice we can just battle her Kitaro said unsheathing his lightning sword so which region you want to battle in
" You choose " smiled ikki
Sakon Ikki
well ive never battled in the mountains before so lets head up there Kitaro said not waiting for a reply just hopping off
ikki followed quickly
Ikki got there and Kitaro stood there and watched the snow fall with his lightning sword at the ready your move eiichiro
Summon Toad And Giant Toad
summon boss toad to hold off the other toads and ran toward Ikki with the lightning sword and right before he reached him he used B.C.K
5 clones came on all sides but 1 and exploded simultaniously and The real Kitaro at the exact same time came forward with a 7000 chakra point fire punch (can destroy an entire villiage the size of the leaf villiage with 1 punch) at Ikki's face
(i think its over Ikki)

You can't rp without a character, so you have to make one.
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Don't worry just saving something in case.
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